Home Remedies For Earache

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Earache Home Remedies In ear ache treatment we recommend some effectiveHome Remedies for Earache to relieve ear ache problems. Ear ache is the problem of all aged peoples sometime people suffered a lot from this problem. In this ear ache problem sometime patient unable to sleep whole night. Home Remedies For Earache 1 Warm Mulethi / Madhu yashti / Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) in pure desi ghee (clarified butter) and apply near…


Home Remedies For Lice

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How To Get Rid Of Lice Mainly female and some mails with long hairs or children is victim of lice. Lice create many problems in hairs or head skin and people with lice has afrequent itching problem. Peoples are suffered a lot from lice in their daily life and other blush them when they itching head frequently. If you want to get rid of lice then you can use ayurvedic…


Health Benefits of Hing Asafoetida


Hing Asafoetida Asafoetida or Ferula Foetida is one useful ayurvedic herb. Asafoetida in Hindi is popular with name Hing, Heeng or Hingu. Hing is commonly used Indian spice of kitchen. It is dried resin of Asafoetida plant and is available in solid state in small pieces. Hing is used daily in preparing chaunk/ Tadka for many dishes like Dal or pulse to add flavour. In Tadka, we fry kitchen spices…


Mouth Ulcers Remedies

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Mouth ulcers are open lesions or sores that occur in mouth mucous membrane. Mouth ulcers commonly caused by hot foods or edible thing that create a condition of hotness in stomach. This condition of stomach hotness is responsible for common mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers are painful sores and sometime these suffer a lot. Due to these painful sores patient get difficulty in eating or drinking and even in speaking. Some…


Home Remedies For Cold

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Cold Relief Home Remedies Cold is a common disease and every year many people suffered with cold when climate change. Seasonal flu and cold are common viral diseases it spread from one person to another. There are some ayurvedic home remedies for cold that provides you relief from cold. These home remedies for cold are: Home Remedies For Cold 1In home remedies for runny nose use mustard oil. Pour 2-3 drops…


Dalchini Cinnamon Health Benefits

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Dalchini is one popular kitchen herb or spice of India and mostly used in meals for fragrances. Dalchini is Hindi name of Cinnamon natural herb of Lauraceae family. In Sanskrit, Dalchini is known as Tvak because Cinnamon bark is used part of this organic herb. Dalchini is a medicinal tree with a lot of medicinal properties. Cinnamon health benefits are too many but some main are mentioned below with tree…


Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds, Oil, Leaves and Root

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Black Sesame Seeds (Til) Health benefits or Uses Black Sesame is very useful ayurvedic herb and has many medicinal uses or health benefits. Sesame is popular with Hindi name Til. Sesame is of many colours but there is mostly found 2 types of sesame 1.) Black Sesame and 2.) White Sesame Black sesame is commonly used for medicinal uses and it is a plant ofPedaliaceae family. Sesame seeds are very…


Ayurvedic Medicines for Liver Cancer


Liver Cancer or Cirrhosis of liver is caused most commonly by alcohol abuse. It leads to degeneration of liver (hepatic) cells and its function is seriously damaged. Severe liver cirrhosis can lead to many complications such as ammonia toxicity, gastrointestinal haemorrhage, hepatic coma and even kidney failure. The effect of alcohol on damaging liver is confirmed. In metabolising alcohol, many liver cells get damaged and damaged beyond repair. The regenerative…


5 Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes


[toc]Who in the world has never suffered from itchy eyes? Itchy eyes a common health problem that almost all have experienced in their life. Although itchy eyes are not a serious problem but the irritation it gives is very much, even our day to day routine can be affected by itchy eyes. There are many reasons that can cause itchy eyes like pollution, allergies, some infection, seasonal and sometimes other…


10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Gingivitis Pain Fast At Home

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Gingivitis impacts almost everyone at least at some point in their lives, but the initial symptoms are so mild that a lot of people do not realize there is anything wrong. Gingivitis, in fact, is an oral infection, featured by swollen, tender gums that bleed easily and have started to recede from the teeth. The cause of gingivitis might be due to plaque buildup, and plaque is microscopic wads of…